Accutest® iFOBT

Immunological Fecal Occult Blood Test


Immunoassay test specific to human hemoglobin

Sensitivity 99.2%, Specificity 96.7%, Accuracy 98.3%

Cutoff is 50ng hHb/ml

Extended stability of sample in buffer solution

Increased Patient Compliance:

No dietary or drug restrictions neccesary

Easy to use:

Simple collection and test procedure

Rapid results


Medicare reimbursement is $21.70 (vs. $4.44 with Guaiac test).

CPT Codes:

82274QW or G0328QW


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20 Test kit with 25 patient collection kits



25 patient specimen collection kits



25 Tests and 25 collection tubes


Collection Procedure Card

Collection Procedure Card



Test Procedure Card

Test Procedure Card


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Sell Sheet


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Package Insert

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