Biological/Environmental Field Test Kits

RAMP Biodefense Tests

The RAMP System is the new gold standard in biological field detection. RAMP provides first responders, military personnel and public safety workers, and those responsible for facility security with rapid, on-site, reliable information.

Independently evaluated, and AOAC approved, RAMP offers unmatched sensitivity and reliability. Tests are available for anthrax, ricin, bot tox and pox.

RAMP’s 15 minute results leave other field tests far behind. No cross reactivity, no timing required, no standing and waiting for answers.

Designed for use in the field, RAMP combines the use of fluorescence with a proprietary Internal Control that overcomes the performance limitations of early generation immunoassays. As a result, RAMP provides a level of sensitivity, specificity and reliability that is unprecedented in the area of rapid on-site biological detection.

Each RAMP purchased for use in North America includes on-site training performed by Emery & Associates, Inc., specialists in international emergency response consulting and training.

The RAMP System consists of a portable scanning fluorescence Reader and single-use, disposable test cartridges. To use, a small sample is added to the test cartridge and then inserted into the Reader. RAMP provides a positive or negative result in minutes.

The RAMP System has been relied upon by United Nations biological weapons inspectors in Iraq, and systems are used worldwide. Recently, RAMP joined forces with General Dynamics to pursue global biodefense markets.

RAMP Receives AOAC Approval

RAMP Anthrax TestBy now, we’re sure you have heard of the Department of Homeland Security-funded AOAC collaborative study on anthrax detection systems. What you may not have heard is that RAMP is the ONLY handheld anthrax detection system to meet the performance standards introduced by AOAC INTERNATIONAL.

RAMP was one of five handheld test systems that underwent the exhaustive collaborative study designed by AOAC, funded by the Department of Homeland Security and implemented at the U.S. Army Dugway Proving Grounds. RAMP was demonstrated to reliably detect anthrax from numerous strains.

The specificity of RAMP was also demonstrated in the study. It was confirmed that RAMP does not cross-react with non-anthrax bacteria.

Five rapid immunoassay-based anthrax field tests completed this comprehensive validation through the AOAC Harmonized Performance Tested (SM) Program, which provided an independent third-party review of test-kit performance claims.

RAMP has the exclusive designation of being the ONLY commercially available system to meet the new standards for rapid and reliable anthrax detection.

RAMP is the ONLY system to meet new performance standards; Other commercially-available systems do not.

  • High sensitivity. 100% reliable in detecting anthrax at the 4,000 spore level with no false positives, as confirmed by the U.S. Army, Edgewood Center.
  • No delay in cartridge replacement. All cartridges are manufactured in Response Biomedical Corp. facilities and are rush-shipped overnight.
  • Simple to use, takes minutes to set up and results are easy to interpret.
  • Rapid Results in 15 minutes vs. two days in culture-based testing.
  • No calibration or maintenance required.
  • Responsive, reliable and friendly customer service.
  • FREE On-Site training with purchase of RAMP Starter Kit; Re-training included in Buy-Back Program.

RAMP Botulinum Toxin Test

RAMP Botulinum Toxin TestBotulism is a paralytic disease caused by the neurotoxins of Clostridium botulinum. With a lethal dose to humans of less than 1 microgram, botulinum toxins are among the most poisonous substances known and pose a great threat as an agent of biological warfare. A single gram of crystalline toxin, evenly dispersed and inhaled, would kill more than 1 million people.

Botulinum toxin poses a major bioweapon threat because of its extreme potency and lethality; its ease of production, transport, and misuse; and the need for prolonged intensive care among affected persons. The primary threat is delivery by aerosol release. The bioweapon agent may also be delivered through contaminated food or water.

Botulinum toxin in solution is colorless, odorless, and, as far as is known, tasteless.

Technical Information on RAMP Botulinum Toxin Test
View CDC Facts about Botulinum Toxin

RAMP Botulinum toxin tests are available in convenient kits of 25 tests. The sample method used is the swab method. Ask about our convenient Cartridge Replacement Plan!

RAMP Anthrax Test

RAMP Anthrax TestAnthrax is an acute infectious disease caused by Bacillus anthracis, a large, gram-positive, spore-forming bacteria. Human anthrax infection has three major clinical forms: cutaneous, inhalation, and gastrointestinal. Inhalation anthrax is the most lethal form. The case fatality rate for inhalation anthrax is over 75% even with all possible supportive care including appropriate antibiotics.

As an agent of biological warfare, the possibility of creating aerosols containing anthrax spores has made Bacillus anthracis a chosen weapon of bioterrorism. Spores can be produced and stored in a dry form and remain viable for decades in storage or after release.

Technical Information on RAMP Anthrax Test
View CDC Facts about Anthrax

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined that a minimum of 10,000 spores must be inhaled for a 50 % chance of becoming infected, thus constituting an infectious dose.

RAMP Anthrax tests are available in convenient kits of 25 tests. The sample method used is the swab method. The sensitivity of detection is 4 ng (4000 spores). Ask about our convenient Cartridge Replacement Plan!

RAMP Ricin Tests

RAMP Ricin TestsRicin is one of the most toxic naturally occurring substances known. Ricin's significance as a potential biological warfare agent relates to its availability worldwide, and its ease of production.

Ricin is a glycoprotein toxin derived from castor plant beans. It can be produced relatively easily and inexpensively in large quantities in a fairly low technology setting. Ricin can be prepared in liquid, crystalline or powder form.

It could be disseminated as an aerosol, injected into a target, or used to contaminate food or water on a small scale.

Technical Information on RAMP Ricin Test
View CDC Facts about Ricin

RAMP Ricin tests are available in convenient kits of 25 tests. Ask about our convenient Cartridge Replacement Plan!

Homeland Security Partners with AOAC to Evaluate Methods for the Detection and Identification of Bacillus anthracis

AOAC/DHS News Release

RAMP Pox Tests

RAMP Pox TestsSmallpox is an acute contagious disease caused by the variola virus, a member of the genus Orthopoxvirus. There is no effective treatment for smallpox disease, and the only prevention is vaccination. The vaccine is made from a live orthopox virus called vaccinia, which is closely related to variola but does not cause smallpox. Other members of the orthopox family that cause human infection include monkeypox and cowpox.

Technical Information on RAMP Smallpox Test
View CDC Facts about Smallpox

RAMP Pox tests are available in convenient kits of 25 tests. The sample method used is the swab method. Ask about our convenient Cartridge Replacement Plan!

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