Hitachi Specific IgE Assay System

Luminometer In Vitro Allergy Diagnostic System

Fast, Accurate Analysis…Counterpart to the CLA® and OPTIGEN® Assays, the CLA-1 Luminometer completes the allergy testing process. This patented device reads processed Pette panels, measuring the intensity of the signal emitted by IgE antibodies bound to the allergen substrate. In eight minutes, it can analyze up to 180 allergens!

The compact CLA-1 Luminometer automatically prints a complete report that lists the tested allergens and the severity of the patient’s response. Easy to use and understand, the system is simple, quick, and convenient.

Self-testing for Reliability…To ensure correct test results, the instrument performs a self-diagnostic check each time it is powered up, and clearly displays system status on its digital screen. The CLA-1 Luminometer is FDA-cleared and CE-marked, and has shown consistent performance and accuracy in laboratories around the world.

Sensitive for Accuracy…The system uses chemiluminescence, one of the most sensitive detection systems available. This allows for the detection of very low levels of IgE in the patient serum.



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